Sep 19, 2008


Well…the Moon is still up there. But now, she’s waning and that shining, quicksilver light that spills so easily upon the world is now running out in ethereal spills and mercury veins that show us how quickly it can be drained away before we even realize it.
And now…looking back down the dark length of the Blind Alley that I started travelling so long ago, I realize just how many times I’ve seen it.
You find it sometimes; a thing of pure, fragile beauty and raving innocence balanced precariously on the cusp of becoming something else; of falling One Way or Another.
There is always a tremulous quality to it and the ones who wear it on their faces and in the subtle motions they relate will draw you to them. You can see it there, hovering about them like a sheer, nameless and diaphanous fog that follows them and leaves a shadow trail that you will try to follow.
But it always flows out and gets spoiled once they discover the very beauty and magic they possess and the silver shades that drew you after them vanish like mists on a choppy sea. And that same light fades as the night closes in and a New Moon waits to be delivered into the hard hands of the world.
The beauty and innocence fade so fast that you have to actually see it happen to really appreciate the tragedy of it. Of course, you had to have the wherewithal to recognize it in the first place. And there’s the rub…again. It’s a curse when you know it and see it and then are forced to watch it squeezed out, cheapened and squandered all for Nothing.
When it flows out like that, so fast and needlessly, it’s enough to make you believe that it’s the very slag from which Broken Hearts are forged.
So…if you ever stumbled upon some Perfect Thing in nature that is unsullied by the tides of life and that throws off that wild light and chases the darkness away and causes you to sing strange, new songs in the fallow fields of your own desperation: do not believe in it. It is your Love that will destroy it.
Get away. As fast as you can. Let someone else discover it. Let someone else destroy it.


HeartofGoldPlate said...

No matter how much I love how the woods behind the trailer look in the moonlight, it never seems to do them much harm.

Werewolves and chupacabras be damned, you can't appreciate those woods unless you've seen them in the full moon light.

Clay Perry said...

Ai na vedui Dunadan! Mae govannen!

Purest Green said...

This is beautiful. But I don't think the magic is destroyed - I think it just changes shape, as the light changes. You think it has gone but it has just moved - from the high branch to trunk, from the nap of a neck to a heavy hip. That's the thing about the moon - she will always, always be ahead of you.