Feb 25, 2009

Ask Rooked

Dear Rooked,
I discovered your blog a while back and I have enjoyed your writing and I do like your style but come on man. Why are your posts so long? That’s a lot to read in one sitting. Why all the run on sentences and big words? Why can’t you just say it in one paragraph?
Do you really have to drag everything out so much? You write pretty good but who has time to read all that? Add more pictures or links or something. Make it interesting but keep it short. Come on.
Pull it in a notch and you’ll get more regular readers.

Just saying,





Clay Perry said...

you forgot the pictures...

Cat said...

This makes me want to hump your leg.

PorkStar said...


Just me... said...

Oh, what a lovely way to say 'bite me!' to a critic.. :):)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

hahahahah I just got a comment on my last post that said basically all that : )

Keep up on the long posts man! I dig the run on sentences and lack of paragraphs. Who the hell needs proper grammer anyway is what I say.

Purest Green said...

I love how one critic is after you because of the rookie photos and another tells you there aren't enough photos.
Please keep using big words. Don't make me beg. I'm so pathetic when I beg.

Teri said...

People. Have. No attention span. Anymore. LOL

So, I have a proposition for you....I'll send you a picture for Rooked if you interview me. I keep reading interview but nobody is interviewing ME! I AM TOTALLY INTERESTING! LOL

All This Trouble... said...