Apr 6, 2009

Nanny's Birthday with Silas and Me

Saturday was Nanny’s Birthday. Silas and I went over early to tell her Happy Birthday and then we went out to breakfast with her and Silas got the chance to goof off and play with his cousins, Hannah and Hunter. They taught him mostly how to act silly when someone’s taking pictures.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many. We had a lot of wrestling around with the food to do.

Silas’ grandpa Joe sent a Happy Birthday balloon along for Nanny to enjoy. She liked it and Silas seemed to enjoy his early gift-giving experience.
We spent the rest of the weekend just rolling around and playing and making a mess at Home. Silas still seems to be fascinated by the ceiling fan. He was also keenly interested in the “Indian Bird Call” that I do with my hands. My dad taught me to do it years ago. Silas kept pulling my hands apart to see what was making the noise and he was flummoxed that nothing was in there.
I can’t wait to teach him how to do it.
I really wish that my dad was around to teach it to him and to tell him all the great stories he’ll never get to hear. I wish he could hear them first-hand.
But I guess it’s never been wise to wish too many things.


wendy said...

That's why he taught those things to you. It *is* his way of teaching your son. It's the only way we all ever know anything: our stories, our memories.

justcurious said...

It's great that he has cousins to be silly and grow up with. I wish my kids had that. Looks like despite the food wrestling you had a great time.

Just me... said...

I understand what you mean about that.. If my Dad hadn't taught my daughter how to 'click' (don't ask - I can't explain it, I can't do it, it's a noise), she would have never learned because he was the only one in the family that could do it.. Now, she's the only one..

HeartofGoldPlate said...

You'll have to show Dex the bird call when we come visit later this month.

Cat said...

sounds like an awful lot of fun for one weekend: nanny AND hand noises? man, i need a nap :)