Apr 27, 2009

Silas Comes Home and Lucie Turns One

Well....we had another Big Weekend. Silas got Home and went straight for his toys. He played hard and got to know them all over again.
Then he got mad at me for constantly trying to feed him and wipe his face after every bite so he just started feeding himself...mostly to show off, I think.
We got up early Saturday for our usual Breakfast Trip. Nanny wasn't feeling well though so we just grabbed something and went to her house.
After we ate we went out for an early morning walk and found the Sun already hot at nine o'clock. But Silas did run into Aunt Julie and Patrick and James on the road and he said James' name twice which was exciting for both of them.
Then...we set off for Baby Lucie's First Birthday Party.
It's hard to believe that she's one already. She also happens to be the "Poster Child" for the local Mach of Dimes; given her amazing recovery after her difficult birth, and they held a Walk that morning which raised money for the Cause and they sold calendars that featured a picture of Lucie on the cover...not to mention the HUGE poster that had her face on it as well. (It was displayed at the party.)
There were lots of kids and noise and even cornholing for the Big Kids.
Silas had a great time and got to see Uncle Michael who complained that he doesn't get to see Silas enough these days. But they goofed around and caught up and had a good time anyway.
But Silas was mostly interested in chasing balloons around.
He had a Big Day and sacked out not long after the party.


Just me... said...

Silas is, as always, adorable.. Glad to see Lucie doing so well.. And I thought the game called cornholing was a Midwest thing (and laughed like a fool the first time I heard it).. You see, in Florida, that term has a completely different meaning.. :):)

Anonymous said...

I don't even need to say anything, do I?

Cat said...

I'm exhausted just from reading that list of activities - sounds like an awesome weekend.

Anonymous said...

I think you and Silas look very much alike in the first picture. I'm glad you had a good weekend with your boy. He's the secret of life, yes?

Clay Perry said...

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.
- nietzsche