Jun 8, 2009

Silas, me, the Circus Train and Who needs an Art Degree?

Silas spent some time Saturday flirting with the ladies at Uncle Michael's and wondering why I wanted to take his picture instead of playing "Circus Train" with him.

He got tired and sacked out on the way Home and I took an "artsy" picture of him in Slumber and incorporated as many shiny, reflective surfaces as I could.

I miss him already and I'm getting his new Beach Ball Sprinkler (a gift from Nanny) this week so he and I and the neighbor kids can get really soaking wet next weekend. I even got him a pack of "Little Swimmers" bathing trunks for the action. Of course, I discovered a box in his closet when I went to put away the pack I had just purchased. So...at least we have plenty of them. My wallet is still sad about it.
But at least he'll be super muddy after it's all over. And I'm sure he'll love that.

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Just me... said...

Nothing like good, ground-in, red-clay mud to make a little boy happy!! He'll love it!!
He is getting so big!! Next thing you know, you'll be telling us about him starting school!!!! :):)