Aug 31, 2009

First Haircut and Fever

Well…it was Big Weekend. Silas was stricken with an alarmingly high fever on Friday night but he recovered pretty quickly and settled down to his normal routine. (Running around like a wild Indian.) I stayed up half the night and worried and watched him sleep just to make sure that he was okay. So I had to keep him full of “Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer” all weekend and he didn’t like that very much; it made him a little droopy-eyed and lethargic. (A doctor’s visit on Monday confirmed that he doesn’t have the flu.) But we still managed to make our appointment on Saturday morning for yet another milestone: His First Haircut.

Well, He didn't seem to like the finished product. Neither did I really. It made him look older than he is and it was too short.
But he took it like a champ.

This is what he looked like BEFORE. Nanny helped him build up his courage.

So we went to the bookstore so he could see the trains as a special treat for being a Big Boy. He made some new friends.

Then we went to the toy store where Silas checked out a new bicycle that was way too expensive for us to buy.

Here's a video of his haircut in action.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Wah! First haircuts always make little boys grow up too fast. It's startling to the new parent to see the young man emerging so soon.

Babies don't keep.


C.S. Perry said...

My heart is broken. I wish he could stay little forever.
I cried when they cut his hair.

Cat said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks without the wispy curls. Sigh.