Aug 11, 2009

Weclome to Earth Jackson

This is my new nephew, Jackson Delmos Putnam. I got this picture from my sister who is Jackson's grandmother. He's Brand New.
He is named, as I mentioned in an earlier post, after my father.

When I saw this picture it inevitably reminded me of the day my own son was born and, of course, of my father. And I caught myself trying to recall where my dad was when Silas was born and then I remembered that he had already passed away. It's strange that I can recall everything about that day; down to the clothes I had on and the fear in Silas' mother's face and the fact that she didn't want me to breathe on her because my breath was bad and that her water broke at 4 AM and we took a shower before leaving for the hospital, but I couldn't relate to myself that my father was already gone. I really wish that Jackson and Silas could've known him.
He was One of a Kind and the last of the True Southern Gentlemen.
We found out that Silas was going to be a boy on the day of my father's funeral and that fact has always stuck with me somehow. And I have always imagined that he and Silas met out there someplace in the ether and settled many matters bewteen themselves before they each set off on their own course. I sure hope they did.

I miss my dad terribly.
He and my mother were married for fifty four years and they shared every moment of it together, good and bad.

Anyway...Welcome to Earth Jack. I hope that you and Silas and Lucie will be close always and have many adventures together. You're all the Latest Generation and I hope that I'll make it long enough to see you all do well and be happy.
(I've got my fingers crossed on all fronts.)
And I suspect that my dad really is looking down on all of you. It's hard to believe anything else.

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Great post. Lump in my throat now.