Sep 24, 2009

Let Him Eat Cake

Silas ate cake and got wound up.

Nanny was caught kissing Baby Jack.
Silas was too busy with cake for any "kissing."

Silas and his cousins played hard. With many arguments and unresolved diplomatic disputes over the possession of certain assets (toys.)
Some concessions were managed after a lengthy Round-Table Debate and the Final Disposition and allocation of Rights and Plenipotentiaries. Silas quickly got bored with Robert's Rules of Order and decided instead to practice his podiatry skills on Lucie.

He cut a tear through the rest of the day and managed to live up to his image of a Wild Indian on the loose; mad, rampant...a Loner, a Rebel, a Kid with no Fear and a healthy appetite for all the Trouble he could make. He moves about in his world with an unapologetic glee and a keen eye for weak spots in the fences that would attempt to hold him back.

Then, like some mysterious lone figure from the Old West...he vanished into the Sunset.


Just me... said...

Thinking this boy takes far too much after his daddy... :):)

And he's getting so big!!!!

C.S. Perry said...

He's getting way too big. I want him to stay little for a while yet.
Currently, he's about 100% better than I am and I hope he stays that way.
I just hope that he can live a beautiful life wihout ever being afraid or having his heart broken.

Joan of Argghh! said...

So adorable! Your descriptive narratives of his activities speak to the fact that your heart and vision for him will be something he'll grow into.

And yes, his heart will be broken, and he will be afraid, but in those moments he will lean against the strength you've provided . . . and he'll move from strength to strength as long as he knows he's loved.

Cat said...

Those little legs and big eyes, they slay me.