Feb 3, 2009


Well…still shaking off the Nevada Fever here at Chez Rooked and trying to make some sense out of things. I’ve been delirious now for almost a week and I still keep flinching at unheard sounds and jumping at emotional shadows.
I’ve woken up several times convinced that werewolves had surrounded us and were just waiting to descend on our home and tear us apart, limb from limb. Or, worse yet, waiting until we left the house and then they would strike out in the cold and lonely night when we were far from aid and well out of arm’s reach of our silver bullets. I got angry often when she refused to let me have my gun while I was still running a temperature. “It’s just too dangerous,” she said. I began to look long and hard at her as I weighed the odds of whether she had already been bitten or not.
While I’m on the mend, I’d like to remind all of my friends and avid readers to Vote Rooked in the Blog4reel competition that’s winding down to its Final Stages even now. Rooked has made it to the semi-final round and soon all the remaining blogs will be whittled down to only ten who will compete to win the coveted shot at having a movie produced about them.
Sure…it sounds like a long shot I know, but you never can tell about things these days and it certainly wouldn’t hurt me any to get my hands on some prize money. Maybe I could use it to continue my long-delayed Research or even reform the Motorcycle Daredevil Sex Cult.
So just go over there to my side bar, at the top, and click the little “Vote Now” dealy-bob and help Rooked gain some ground in a hostile world. Or just visit the website and vote there. You may be asked to register but it’s not a great, big, plastic hassle.
Trust me…I'd do it for you.
Wouldn’t I?


Purest Green said...

So thrilled am I to have been so wrong! I shall be voting today. Voting until my fingers bleed. Or are maybe just a little bruised. I don't want blood between the keys.

Various "intelligence gathering" scenes from Foreign Relations should be included as well.

Joan of Argghh! said...

A'ight. I voted because I can't resist an underdog situation.

I left a comment there which I'll repeat here, regarding the competition: you may want to jack up the joint with some lesbian werewolves, y'know?

PorkStar said...

Can't vote, work won't let me : (

.::~P~::. said...

Voted yesterday :D Good luck

Cat said...

I hope you recover enough strength to outrun the warewolves. The full moon is coming in less than a week.

Gray and I had a debate last nigth about which is more likely: the existence of aliens or the existence of zombies.

I thought you might know.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Watch out for he werewolves I hear they can smell fear.

Off to vote! Good luck.

Just me... said...

Even though I hate anything that requires I remember a userid/password combination that won't fit my regular userid/passwords, I voted!! :)~
And the vote is close.. So, everyone else, GO VOTE!! :):)
Good Luck!!