Apr 13, 2009

Easter Weekenders

Well...Thursday I picked up Silas and we played hard for a while and went over a few more possible outlines for our long-awaited Children's Book. And then we spent most of dinner time practicing our "growly" faces at each other instead of eating our food.
We got up early on Friday and went to breakfast with Nanny. (Silas spied a baby girl in the restaurant and he craned his neck to check her out.)
Then he got thristy very suddenly and killed off his juice in almost one quick swallow. Nanny assured both Silas and I that, if his Grandfather had been there, he would've had coffee too. (I can't wait to tell him about my dad.)

Later...there was bad weather. We heard a report that a tornado was headed right at us. So, naturally, Silas didn't want to miss it and so he stood guard at the front door and we kept a close watch on everything. I even got him to say "Rain" over and over until he was yelling it at the sky.
My sadness at not seeing him for Easter was allayed when I finally got the call to go and pick him up. (In lieu of his promised delivery.) But the upside is...he got two Easter baskets...he got to go on his first Egg Hunt...he got to show off for Nanny...he got to play with his cousins...he got to get outside and rub his bare toes in the green grass...he took two rides in the Easter Wagon and two rides on Uncle Clay's Mule

He had a great time.
But he was exhausted from such a Big Day and he sacked out the minute we got in the car to go home.
But it was a good day and well worth all the hassle and trouble. It was, after all, his First Easter and I just wanted to be sure that he got to experience something traditional and fun and to spend time with his family.

I really wish that he could have a more normal life and I hope that all the running around and being "handed-off" doesn't make him confused and frightened. It's hard to keep all of my emotions compartmentalized and to keep him from noticing what's happening around him and to try and hide the acrimony. I can see it in his face sometimes...he knows. His mother came to pick him up early on Saturday and she and I were both there when he woke up. The look on his face when he saw us both there was just about more than I could stand.
But...at least he had a Real Easter and at least I got to spend it with him at home where I grew up. I just hope that he can have as many memories as I do.


Cat said...

great pictures, he got that egg hunt thing all figured out!

Anonymous said...

I've told you before. What you did was wrong but it was just bad judgement. It sure wasn't worth breaking up a family. Stop beating yourself up over it.
Like I said if it hadn't been this it would've been something else.
Some people will never grow up.
I'm glad you and Silas had a good easter.

PurestGreen said...

Holy photos batman! Some truly great shots here. I can't believe silas has an uncle who has a mule. I had an uncle in Germany who had a pony - Onkel Hansi - and I thought he was the coolest guy ever.

Glad to see you focusing on the postiving (a little bit at a time)

C.S. Perry said...

I'm afraid I have to confess that Uncle Clay's "mule" isn't really a mule. It's a motorized ATV that he and his boys tool around the woods in. It's just called the "Mule" and is manufactured by the good people at Kawasaki. I really hate to have to shatter that illusion but...well, there it is.
And, to my Anonymous friend, well...I've heard those sentiments before but it's hard not to feel guilty. And it's hard to know what to think about these cryptic messages.
I'm doing the best I can.

Anonymous said...

At least you're focused on the right thing: YOUR SON.

Just me... said...

Whatever the situation, the boy will be just fine as he has a great dad with a great family...
Glad you had a Happy Easter!! :)

Eastatl said...

hey just wanted to say that all of us haven't forgotten you.
you're doing the right thing. spend time with your son.
from what little i know it sounds like mistakes have been made on both sides but i don't think that all night recording sessions and bar hopping are the way to act when you have a young son.
he needs a family.
hang in there.

.::~P~::. said...

Great pictures, what a cutie you got <3