Apr 17, 2009

A Long Walk and Fist Shaking

Well…my day got better as soon as I picked up the Boy and he and I went for a long walk in the evening sunshine.
We wandered into town and only then did I recall that they were having a festival on our hometown square and there was live music, lots of food and more people than you could shake a whole fist full of sticks at.

We saw many things and Silas got a real kick out of the crowd. He eyed several babies in other strollers very carefully but he was put off by the loud music and the street mascots. There was a giant bear, a lobster and even an armadillo.
I couldn’t get good pictures because I forgot Cat’s camera and all I had was my cell phone. Not to mention that I was busy trying to navigate through the throng without clipping anybody with the stroller.

But we saw a few old friends and it was good to catch up. I saw my friend Young Erik and he had his three girls with him and I was put off for a moment when he asked where Silas’ mother was. After my uncomfortable silence…well, he understood. I also saw a lady named Jackie who hailed me on the sidewalk and pulled up her thick sunglasses so I could recognize her. I smiled politely and moved on quickly because it was just a few short weeks ago that she had been trying to find a house for us to buy and I didn’t have the heart to explain it all. Then my old pal Rob grabbed me from behind and scared me to death for a half a second because I thought the werewolves had finally found us. But he was glad to meet Silas and he offered us free barbecue.

When we got home Silas and I sat out on the stoop and, with the festival going on, foot traffic was heavy on our street. Silas is now in the habit of yelling at every car and every person that passes by in front of our house and he gave them What For yesterday and he put on his “Angry Face” as he shook his fist and warned them to “Stay off His Street.”

Luckily, most of the people understood and they just yelled back and waved at him. (Which is another of his developing skills.)
It really made my day. But it’s hard when he does things like that and there’s nobody there with me that I can turn to and say, “Did you see that?”
But Silas and I still had a great time and we got a lot of hash settled before bedtime.


Cat said...


C.S. Perry said...

You should see it "live."
He growls and shakes his little fists and trembles all over. It's hilarious.
You'd think he was about to go all "Incredible Hulk."

The Maximum Leader said...

My four year old has a similar angry face he's been working on for... well... four years...

Just me... said...

Nothing is more adorable (and at times frustrating) than watching these little people learn their emotions and how to use them.. Just wait til he adds voice!! The words 'No!' and 'Mine!' will become to you like nails on a chalkboard.. :):)

Clay Perry said...

LOL... "get off my property you varmit!" i think tomorrow shall include some carefully planned explosions for james & silas, now where did i put that black powder....

Anonymous said...

After looking at that face and knowing that I might miss a moment like that I don't think there's much I couldn't forgive.

He's a pip!